About Me


As a British designer and dressmaker based in London, I pride myself on crafting exquisite handmade garments that embody both my North African roots and my urban upbringing. my exclusive collection is sure to captivate and empower whoever wears it, enabling them to exude confidence and grace in any space they enter.

My designs are a reflection of the beautiful and unique experiences of being from an immigrant family. With my work, I challenge the harmful teachings that have made women feel ashamed of our bodies and desires. My vision is to celebrate the innate femininity within us all, and inspire women everywhere to boldly embrace and showcase their beauty and sexuality. My designs are the ultimate empowerment tool for women seeking to reclaim their power and proudly own their sensuality.

Info for Stylists

Please refer to the lookbook to see more shots of the pieces. The contact form can be used to enquire about renting pieces for shoots or collaborations. I am always down to create something new so don't hesitate to reach out!

I can also be reached by email info@karrahle.com




Image by lifeforstock on Freepik